Diversity of habits and habitats for Solanum subgenus Leptostemonum in tropical Asia A Solanum giganteum, a small tree of the tropical forest understory in India and Sri Lanka (field photograph, unvouchered, India) B S. trilobatum, a scandent species in its typical habitat, along the road in mangrove area (Meeboonya et al. RM 245, Thailand) C S. lasiocarpum, an erect shrub found in disturbed and human inhabited areas where it is often cultivated (Meeboonya et al. RM 272, Thailand) D S. cyanocarphium, a creeper with decumbent stems in forest understory (field photograph, unvouchered, Vietnam) E S. camranhense, a scandent shrub endemic to the coastal dunes of South Vietnam (field photograph, unvouchered, Vietnam) F S. insanum, the wild progenitor of the brinjal eggplant usually found in degraded areas (Meeboonya et al. RM 305, Thailand). Photograph credits: A S. More B, C, F X. Aubriot; D M. Nuraliev E S. Hul.

  Part of: Aubriot X, Knapp S (2022) A revision of the “spiny solanums” of Tropical Asia (Solanum, the Leptostemonum Clade, Solanaceae). PhytoKeys 198: 1-270. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.198.79514