Solanum ossicruentum sp. nov. A Typical habitat, Mirima National Park, WA B Leaf morphology C Female individual, Mirima NP D Close-up of functionally female (morphologically hermaphrodite) flower E Abaxial side of functionally female flower showing elongated calyx lobes F Male individual, Mirima NP G Male flower, abaxial view H Developing fruit within calyx I Immature fruits showing blood-red staining at 2 minutes (lower) and 5 minutes (above) after cutting J Mature bony fruits removed from calyces and (lower right) as collected from ground beneath plant. Yellow scale bars as follows: 3 cm (B, C, F); 1 cm (D); 2 cm (E, G, H, J); 0.75 cm (I). Photos A, C, F, and J by C.T. Martine; all others by J.T. Cantley.

  Part of: Martine CT, Cantley JT, Frawley ES, Butler AR, Jordon-Thaden IE (2016) New functionally dioecious bush tomato from northwestern Australia, Solanum ossicruentum, may utilize “trample burr” dispersal. PhytoKeys 63: 19-29.