Illustration of Thismia latiffiana A habit, showing roots, young bud (Ai; note stems covered with trichomes), mature flower (Aii) and fruit (Aiii; note glabrescent stem with trichomes detached) B Leaf (adaxial) C bract (adaxial), smaller bract (Ci) D longitudinally dissected floral tube showing inner (abaxial) view of stamens and apical parts of connectives E portion of inner surface of floral tube (upper part) F trichomes on outer surface of floral tube; G outer (adaxial) view of stamens showing lateral appendages H stamen, view from below I gynoecium, longitudinal section, showing pistil with trilobed stigma and ovary J seed. All from FRI94686 (spirit material). Drawings by Mohamad Aidil Noordin.

  Part of: Siti-Munirah MY, Dome N (2022) ´╗┐Thismia latiffiana (Thismiaceae), an unusual new species from Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia. PhytoKeys 188: 105-114.