Map of known occurrences of Elaeocarpus firdausii in Sulawesi. Collecting localities are shown as yellow circles: Mt Rorekautimbu and Mt Malemo, both in Lore Lindu National Park (solid black line). The record on Mt Katopas on the Eastern peninsula (?) is based on a sighting without specimen. Most of the montane environments on the island are concentrated in the Central Sulawesi Mountains (CSM, dashed black line) stretching from near Palu into the Southern peninsula. Areas above 2000 m a.s.l. are shaded black. Map created with QGIS (QGIS Development Team 2015) using the digital elevation model of Jarvis et al. (2008).

  Part of: Brambach F, Coode M, Biagioni S, Culmsee H (2016) Elaeocarpus firdausii (Elaeocarpaceae), a new species from tropical mountain forests of Sulawesi. PhytoKeys 62: 1-14.