Variation in armature of Prosopis, Strombocarpa, Neltuma and Xerocladia A Neltuma denudans (nodal spines on a zig-zag stem) B N. humilis (paired striate spine-tipped branches) C Prosopis cineraria (scattered internodal prickles) D Neltuma sericantha (spine-tipped stems) E Strombocarpa burkartii (stipular spines) F Neltuma argentina (single nodal axillary spine) G N. kuntzei (spinescent shoots) H Strombocarpa ferox (stipular spines) I S. strombulifera (stipular spines) J Neltuma elata (variation in paired nodal spines on one specimen) K N. alba (paired nodal spines) L N. velutina (paired nodal spines) M Prosopis farcta (scattered internodal prickles) N Neltuma ruscifolia (single nodal axillary spine) O Xerocladia viridiramis (recurved, deflexed stipular spines) (5 cm scale bar). All specimens at K A drawn from Seijo 1489 B Tweedie s.n. C Willcox 299 D MERL 8792 E Acosta & Rosas 748 F Guaglianone et al. 1762 G Nee & Coimbra 35556 H Atahuachi et al. MA1147 I Hunziker 2036 J Legname & Cuezzo 10396 (large and small spines from same specimen) K Hughes & Forrest 2312 L Harding & Balsinhas 140 M Guest et al. 17463 N Wood & Mamani 14063 O Kolberg & Tholkes HK2493. Drawn by Andrew Brown, July 2021.

  Part of: Hughes CE, Ringelberg JJ, Lewis GP, Catalano SA (2022) ´╗┐Disintegration of the genus Prosopis L. (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae, mimosoid clade). In: Hughes CE, de Queiroz LP, Lewis GP (Eds) Advances in Legume Systematics 14. Classification of Caesalpinioideae Part 1: New generic delimitations. PhytoKeys 205: 147-189.