Isotrema putalengense Luu, Q.B.Nguyen & H.C.Nguyen A habit B leaf C leaf lamina, adaxial surface D leaf lamina, abaxial surface E flower, side view F flower, front view G bracteole H perianth, longitudinal dissection I utricle, inside J ovary, cross section K gynostemium, side view L stigma, view from above M stem, cross section. Photographs by Hieu Cuong Nguyen from SH992 at the type locality.

  Part of: Nguyen QB, Nguyen HC, Tran DB, Nguyen PH, Luu HT (2022) ´╗┐Isotrema putalengense, a new species of Aristolochiaceae from northern Vietnam and two new combinations in Isotrema. PhytoKeys 197: 71-79.