Seeds and seed coat morphology in species of the Annuum Clade A–D C. annuum var. annuum E–H C. annuum var. glabriusculum I–L C. frutescens M–P C. chinense Q–T C. galapagoense A, I seeds with testa partly digested B seed coat with the external periclinal cell wall partly removed C, D cross section of the seed at the seed margin and seed body, respectively; E, M, N, Q untreated seeds showing subterminal hilum (E, N) and medial hilum (Q) F, J, O, P, S, T detail of a non-digested portion of the seed coat G, K testa pattern with the external periclinal cell wall removed H, L detail of testa cells R hilum. Abbreviation. opw outer periclinal cell wall. Scale bars: 200 μm (A, E, I, M, N, Q); 20 μm (B, F–H, K, L, P, S, T); 50 μm (C, J, O, R); 10 μm (D).

  Part of: Barboza GE, García CC, Bianchetti LB, Romero MV, Scaldaferro M (2022) Monograph of wild and cultivated chili peppers (Capsicum L., Solanaceae). PhytoKeys 200: 1-423.