Fruit anatomy in Capsicum species A, D–F C. baccatum var. pendulum B C. baccatum var. umbilicatum C, G, H C. pubescens A fruit, in cross section (note giant cells in the pericarp) B one locule of a fruit, in cross section (note the absence of giant cells in the pericarp) C, D epicarp and some layers of mesocarp (in D, observe cuticular wedges) E sector of pericarp (the arrow indicates the increase of the cell size ending in the giant cells) F detail of two adjacent giant cells G sector of homogeneous endocarp H sclereids of the endocarp. Abbreviations. c cuticle, cw cuticular wedge, epc epidermal cells, gc giant cells, p pericarp. Scale bars: 1 mm (A, B, E); 10 μm (C, D, H); 100 μm (F, G).

  Part of: Barboza GE, García CC, Bianchetti LB, Romero MV, Scaldaferro M (2022) Monograph of wild and cultivated chili peppers (Capsicum L., Solanaceae). PhytoKeys 200: 1-423.