Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum A plant B flower bud C flower, in pre-anthesis D flower short-styled, longitudinal section E flower long-styled, lateral view F–H flowers hexamerous showing connivent anthers and not connivent anthers I immature fruit J–M mature fruit A, B, E from Barboza 4886 C, D, I, K, L, M no specimen vouchers (cult. Pairumani, Cochabamba-Bolivia) F, G, H from Palombo 3 J from Barboza et al. 4824. Photos by G.E. Barboza.

  Part of: Barboza GE, García CC, Bianchetti LB, Romero MV, Scaldaferro M (2022) Monograph of wild and cultivated chili peppers (Capsicum L., Solanaceae). PhytoKeys 200: 1-423.