Capsicum baccatum var. baccatum A flowering branch B calyx C glandular trichome of the calyx D eglandular trichome of the calyx E flower, upper view F sector of opened corolla G gynoecium H fruit I seed J seed, in cross section K embryo A–G from Hunziker 7350 H–K from Hunziker 1579. Drawn by N. de Flury. Published in Barboza (2013), courtesy of the Board of the Instituto Darwinion (San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina), reproduced with permission.

  Part of: Barboza GE, García CC, Bianchetti LB, Romero MV, Scaldaferro M (2022) Monograph of wild and cultivated chili peppers (Capsicum L., Solanaceae). PhytoKeys 200: 1-423.