Haplodontium altunense A plant (wet) B capsule (wet) C capsules (dry) D leaves E transverse section of leaf F superficial stoma G annulus growing on the capsule mouth H dorsal views of peristome I transverse section of stem J apical laminal cells and margin K apical laminal cells L median laminal cells M basal laminal cells. Drawn by Xiaorui Wang from the holotype (HBNU!).

  Part of: Wang X-R, Li M, Spence JR, Zhao J-C, Mamtimin S (2021) Haplodontium altunense (Bryaceae, Bryopsida), a new moss species from Northwest China. PhytoKeys 183: 9-19. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.183.71642