Diospyros dussaudii A fruiting branchlet B axillary bud C male inflorescence D male flower E opened corolla of male flower, showing stamens F stamens G female flower, side view H female flower, top view I opened corolla of female flower, showing eight staminodes attached at the base of corolla tube J ovary and stigma of female flower K fruit with four calyx L cross section of 8-seeded fruit M seeds, top view and side view and N the longitudinal section of seed, showing embryo. Drawn by W. Bhuchaisri from Sinbumroong & Suekaew 04042020-1 (A, B and K–N), Sinbumroong 12092020-1 (C–F) and Sinbumroong 08052020-1 (G–J).Scale bars: 1 cm (G–J, M, N); 2 cm (A, B, K, L); 5 mm (D–F); 8 mm (C).

  Part of: Duangjai S, Sinbumroong A, Chalermwong P, Suekaew P, Khammongkol K, Kiewbang W, Rueangruea S, Thananthaisong T, Suddee S (2021) Updated description of Diospyros dussaudii Lecomte (Ebenaceae), with lectotypification and notes on its distribution. PhytoKeys 184: 67-82. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.184.71045