Diospyros dussaudii A habit B branch and leaves C trunk and bark C1 slash of bark D leaf venation, abaxial view E, F male inflorescences G, H female flower I–K immature fruits L, M mature fruits N, O fruit in cross section showing immature seeds (N) and mature seeds (O). Photographs by Aroon Sinbumroong (A–H, J, L–M and O) and Sukid Rueangruea (I, K and N).

  Part of: Duangjai S, Sinbumroong A, Chalermwong P, Suekaew P, Khammongkol K, Kiewbang W, Rueangruea S, Thananthaisong T, Suddee S (2021) Updated description of Diospyros dussaudii Lecomte (Ebenaceae), with lectotypification and notes on its distribution. PhytoKeys 184: 67-82. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.184.71045