Phylogenetic trees of Diospyros and related genera, based on DNA sequence data from eight plastid regions A the 50% majority-rule tree from BI analysis. Posterior probabilities > 0.50 are shown above branches B phylogram from BI analysis, showing only the details of Diospyros clade XI. Diospyros dussaudii and closely related species are indicated in coloured text.

  Part of: Duangjai S, Sinbumroong A, Chalermwong P, Suekaew P, Khammongkol K, Kiewbang W, Rueangruea S, Thananthaisong T, Suddee S (2021) Updated description of Diospyros dussaudii Lecomte (Ebenaceae), with lectotypification and notes on its distribution. PhytoKeys 184: 67-82.