Bayesian tree based on combined nuclear (ITS) and plastid (matK, rbcL, trnL-trnF) sequence data showing phylogenetic position of Ranunculus tojibaevii Schegol. & Turginov in R. sect. Ranunculastrum. Bayesian Posterior Probability (PP) / Maximum Parsimony (MP) is given on each branch, respectively; Maximum Likelihood (ML) is below branches. The classification is according to Hörandl and Emadzade (2012). * denotes the Ranunculus species analysed in this study. The new species is highlighted in bold.

  Part of: Shchegoleva NV, Nikitina EV, Juramurodov IJ, Zverev AA, Turginov OT, Jabborov AM, Yusupov Z, Dekhkonov DB, Deng T, Sun H (2022) A new species of Ranunculus (Ranunculaceae) from Western Pamir-Alay, Uzbekistan. PhytoKeys 193: 125-139.