Poa ramoniana. A Habit B Ligular zone C Terminal segment of inflorescence branch with four spikelet cluster D Spikelet E Lower glume ventral view F Proximal floret (perfect) G Upper glume dorsal view H Palea with immature pistil (pistillate floret), dorsal view I Palea with pistil (pistillate floret), staminodes, and lodicules, lateral view. Drawn from type material (R. Ferreyra 5200 p.p. a, US-2207173).

  Part of: Sylvester SP, Soreng RJ, Peterson PM, Mitsy Sylvester MDPV (2016) An updated checklist and key to the open-panicled species of Poa L. (Poaceae) in Peru including three new species, Poa ramoniana, Poa tayacajaensis, and Poa urubambensis. PhytoKeys 65: 57-90. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.65.7024