Spiradiclis detianensis A habit B inflorescence C leaves D, E stipule F, G short- and long-styled flower, front view H opened long- and short-styled flower, showing style and stamens I ovary, side view J infructescence, side view. S. tubiflora K habit L inflorescence. Scale bars: 1 cm (B, C, H, J, L); 2 mm (D, E, F, G, I). Photos by Z.J. Wen and L. Wu.

  Part of: Wen Z-J, Huang Y-F, Hu Y-H, Nguyen KS, Wu L (2021) Spiradiclis detianensis (Rubiaceae, Ophiorrhizeae), a new species from southwestern Guangxi, China. PhytoKeys 184: 103-110. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.184.69886