Morphology of Begonia shenzhenensis D.K.Tian & X.Yun Wang A one of the largest plants with flowers (left corner: sections of leaf and petiole showing hairs) B staminate flowers showing in different directions C pistillate flowers, bracts (left: back view of 6-tepalled flower; right: front view of 5-tepalled flower) D inflorescence, stipules (left) and bracts (right) E fruits (top: fresh, bottom: dried) and ovary dissection (Photo by Dai-Ke Tian).

  Part of: Tian D-K, Chen B, Xiao Y, Zheng M-M, Ge B-J (2021) Begonia shenzhenensis, a new species of Begoniaceae from Guangdong, China. PhytoKeys 178: 171-177.