Examples of natural history of Otoba in Central America A, B Otoba novogranatensis, fruits (A) and seeds (B) accumulating on the ground in Costa Rica C, D Fruits of O. acuminata, inset seed covered by aril (C), which are eaten by Metachirus nudicaudatus (D) in Panama E, F Dyscophellus phraxanor (Hesperiidae), a herbivore of O. novogranatensis, as a larvae (E) and adult (F). Photos by Reinaldo Aguilar (A), Orlando Vargas (B) from https://sura.ots.ac.cr/florula4/index.php, Ángel Sosa-Bartuano (C, D), Daniel H. Janzen (E, F) from http://janzen.sas.upenn.edu/caterpillars/database.lasso.

  Part of: Santamaría-Aguilar D, Lagomarsino LP (2021) Two new species of Otoba (Myristicaceae) from Colombia. PhytoKeys 178: 147-170. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.178.64564