Photographs of Artabotrys pachypetalus sp. nov. A habit B adaxial leaf surface, showing the raised midrib C hooked inflorescence with many loosely clustered flowers D apical view of the flower E basal view of the flower F lateral view of the flower G longitudinal section of the flower, showing the clavate stigma and orange-red stamen connective apex H dissected flower, showing three sepals, three outer petals and three inner petals, and many carpels and stamens (Y. Huang 341, IBSC) I developing young fruit with many monocarps (B. Xue XB342, IBSC) J dried fruit on old branch (B. Xue XB342, IBSC) K seed (B. Xue XB342, IBSC) L longitudinal section of the seed, showing lamelliform endosperm ruminations (B. Xue XB342, IBSC). Photos: Yi Huang (A, H); Gang-Tao Wang (B–E, G); Yi Tong (F); Bine Xue (I–L).

  Part of: Xue B, Wang G-T, Zhou X-X, Huang Y, Tong Y, Li Y, Chen J (2021) Artabotrys pachypetalus (Annonaceae), a new species from China. PhytoKeys 178: 71-80.