Aporosa tetragona sp. nov. A Fruiting branch B Schematic of the placement of the disc-like glands on the lower side of the leaf C Apex of branch D Pistillate inflorescence E Longitudinal section of fruits. Materials: A–C, E from Toyama et al. V1976 (KYO), D from Toyama et al. V829 (FU).

  Part of: Tagane S, Dang VS, Toyama H, Naiki A, Nagamasu H, Yahara T, Tran H (2015) Aporosa tetragona Tagane & V. S. Dang (Phyllanthaceae), a new species from Mt. Hon Ba, Vietnam. PhytoKeys 57: 51-60. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.57.6347