Phylogenetic tree of Allium section Rhizirideum and related taxa based on concatenated alignments of four cpDNA regions (ndhJ-trnF, trnH-psbA, psbD-trnT, and psbJ-petA). The numbers above branches are bootstrap values (BS > 50%) by maximum likelihood method. The samples of section Rhizirideum and the new species are in blue and red blods, respectively. The accession numbers from Genbank were indicated after the scientific names.

  Part of: Jang JE, Park J-S, Jung J-Y, Kim D-K, Yang S, Choi HJ (2021) Notes on Allium section Rhizirideum (Amaryllidaceae) in South Korea and northeastern China: with a new species from Ulleungdo Island. PhytoKeys 176: 1-19.