Comparative photographs of the inflorescence, cross-section of leaf and scape, flower, and tepal and filament arrangement of Allium section Rhizirdeum in South Korea and northeastern China A–E A. dumebuchum (H.J.Choi 201008-001) F–J A. spirale (H.J.Choi 191010-01) K–O A. spurium (H.J.Choi 200831-01) P–T A. minus (H.J.Choi 080063) U–Y A. senescens (H.J.Choi 080119).

  Part of: Jang JE, Park J-S, Jung J-Y, Kim D-K, Yang S, Choi HJ (2021) Notes on Allium section Rhizirideum (Amaryllidaceae) in South Korea and northeastern China: with a new species from Ulleungdo Island. PhytoKeys 176: 1-19.