Historical biogeography of tribe Orobancheae, reconstructed using a dispersal-extinction-cladognesis model implemented in RevBayes (maximum likelihood topology, maximum clade credibility branch lengths). Coloured circles at tips represent the current biogeographical range of each sampled taxon. Circles on each node represent the reconstructed ancestral area of the most recent common ancestor of the two daughter lineages, while circles on either side of the node show the reconstructed areas immediately following cladogenesis. Circle size is proportional to posterior probability. Each colour represents a different biogeographical region or combination of regions as indicated by the map and legend to the left of the chronogram. Tip labels for Cistanche follow nomenclature of Ataei et al. (2020). Asterisks indicate names proposed by Ataei (2017) but not yet validly published.

  Part of: Piwowarczyk R, Schneider AC, Góralski G, Kwolek D, Denysenko-Bennett M, Burda A, Ruraż K, Joachimiak AJ, Pedraja ÓS (2021) Phylogeny and historical biogeography analysis support Caucasian and Mediterranean centres of origin of key holoparasitic Orobancheae (Orobanchaceae) lineages. PhytoKeys 174: 165-194. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.174.62524