Rooted Maximum Likelihood phylogenetic tree constructed using ITS sequences. Numbers near branches show ultrafast bootstrap values (values ≥ 75 are shown). The bar represents the amount of genetic change (nucleotide substitutions per site) A summary of backbone (generic) relationships, branches connecting the outgroup Lindenbergia and Boulardia are shortened to fit the figure B–E relationships of taxa within the genera Cistanche, Phelipanche, Phelypaea, and Orobanche respectively. Species names, the country of origin, host species (if available) and GenBank number are included on the phylogeny tip labels.

  Part of: Piwowarczyk R, Schneider AC, Góralski G, Kwolek D, Denysenko-Bennett M, Burda A, Ruraż K, Joachimiak AJ, Pedraja ÓS (2021) Phylogeny and historical biogeography analysis support Caucasian and Mediterranean centres of origin of key holoparasitic Orobancheae (Orobanchaceae) lineages. PhytoKeys 174: 165-194.