Letestudoxa bella A leaf, upper side B fruit, a pseudosyncarpous fruit C fruit, top view, note the large sepal remains. Letestudoxa lanuginosa D habit, liana climbing on tree trunk E leaf, upper side F leaf, lower side G detail of young flower bud, not completely enclosing sepals A–C Couvreur 600, Gabon D–G Couvreur 1148, Ma’an, Cameroon. Photos Thomas L.P. Couvreur.

  Part of: Couvreur TLP, Dagallier L-PMJ, Crozier F, Ghogue J-P, Hoekstra PH, Kamdem NG, Johnson DM, Murray NA, Sonké B (2022) Flora of Cameroon – Annonaceae Vol 45. PhytoKeys 207: 1-532. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.207.61432