Isolona cooperi A flowering branch B leaf, lower view C detail of petiole and axillary inflorescence D flower bud E flower, side view F flower, semi side view G flower, bottom view H transversal section showing androecium and stigma I stamen, front view J fruit (dried) K fruit, part of pericarp removed showing ruminate section of seed (fresh) L seed with seed coat partially removed showing ruminations A–C from J.J.F.E. de Wilde 3644 D–I from fresh material collected at the Utrecht University Botanical Garden J, L from de Koning 149 K from Breteler 7458. Drawings Hans by Vries (Couvreur 2009, fig. 21, p. 42).

  Part of: Couvreur TLP, Dagallier L-PMJ, Crozier F, Ghogue J-P, Hoekstra PH, Kamdem NG, Johnson DM, Murray NA, Sonké B (2022) Flora of Cameroon – Annonaceae Vol 45. PhytoKeys 207: 1-532.