Brieya fasciculata A habit B leaf, upper side C leaf base, upper side D detail of leaf blade and venation; lower side E flower F detail of minute sepals and outer petal, in contrast to long inner petals G detail of receptacle H fruit with a single monocarp (others have fallen) A, H Couvreur 645, Mambe, Cameroon B, C no voucher, Rumpi Mountains, Cameroon D–G Couvreur 510, Mt Etinde, Cameroon. Photos Thomas L.P. Couvreur.

  Part of: Couvreur TLP, Dagallier L-PMJ, Crozier F, Ghogue J-P, Hoekstra PH, Kamdem NG, Johnson DM, Murray NA, Sonké B (2022) Flora of Cameroon – Annonaceae Vol 45. PhytoKeys 207: 1-532.