Specimen morphology of Pseuduvaria kwangtungensis, comb. nov. A adaxial view of the leaf base and the petiole B abaxial view of the leaf base and the petiole C close-up of the adaxial surface of the outer petal, showing the dense tiny golden glands D dried androecium, showing the morphology of the stamens E dried gynoecium, showing the hairy carpels F dried monocarp, showing the pubescent indumentum and the shallowly transversely constriction between seed. Photos: B. Xue.

  Part of: Wang Q-L, Zhang H, Shao Y-Y, Wang Z-N, Xue B (2021) A second species of Pseuduvaria in China: the identity of the enigmatic species Meiogyne kwangtungensis. PhytoKeys 172: 1-15. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.172.61025