Morphology of Pseuduvaria kwangtungensis, comb. nov. A flowering branch B inflorescence C bottom view of a male flower D side view of a male flower E male flower, top view, inner petals manually separated to show adaxial inner petal surface with paired glands F a female flower G gynoecium of the female flower, showing three carpels and two staminodes (with black and white arrows) H fruits I inside of a monocarp, showing seeds in two series J Single dried seed, showing the grooved raphe K section of the seed, showing the spiniform endosperm rumination. Photos: Q. L. Wang (A–I); B. Xue (J, K).

  Part of: Wang Q-L, Zhang H, Shao Y-Y, Wang Z-N, Xue B (2021) A second species of Pseuduvaria in China: the identity of the enigmatic species Meiogyne kwangtungensis. PhytoKeys 172: 1-15.