Ancestral range estimation (ARE) based on the reduced MCC tree (“BioGeoBEARS” DEC+J on Glinus unconstrained ancstates: global optim, three areas max. anagenetic dispersal rate, d = 0.0063; extinction rate, e = 0; cladogenetic dispersal rate, j = 0.023; likelihood ratio test, LnL = -48.91). Coding of biogeographical areas as shown in the legend. Coding of species areas is given in coloured squares left of each species. Pie charts represent the ancestral area probability inferred for each node.

  Part of: Sukhorukov AP, Sennikov A, Veranso-Libalah MC, Kushunina M, Nilova MV, Heath R, Heath A, Mazei Y, Zaika MA (2021) Evolutionary relationships, biogeography and morphological characters of Glinus (Molluginaceae), with special emphasis on the genus composition in Sub-Saharan Africa. PhytoKeys 173: 1-92.