Maximum likelihood phylogenetic cladogram of Glinus derived from the combined plastid matrix (rbcL, trnK-matK). Values above branches refer to bootstrap values resulting from the ML analysis (only values ≥50). Values below branches refer to posterior probabilities resulting from Bayesian inference (only values ≥0.95) and bootstrap values resulting from the parsimony analysis (only values ≥50). An asterisk (*) denotes a branch unsupported by either bootstrap values or posterior probability.

  Part of: Sukhorukov AP, Sennikov A, Veranso-Libalah MC, Kushunina M, Nilova MV, Heath R, Heath A, Mazei Y, Zaika MA (2021) Evolutionary relationships, biogeography and morphological characters of Glinus (Molluginaceae), with special emphasis on the genus composition in Sub-Saharan Africa. PhytoKeys 173: 1-92.