Bayesian 50% strict consensus tree of 34 nrDNA ITS sequences (A) and 52 combined cpDNA rpl16 and rps16 intron sequences (B) from East Asia clade & Komarovia clade and outgroups. Values on the branches indicate its support (Bayesian posterior probability/ bootstrap value). Those nodes not occurring in the ML strict consensus tree are indicated by pound symbols (#). Short line denotes values < 50%. The tree is rooted with Pleurospermeae. The names of the clades are identified by Zhou et al. (2008, 2009) and Downie et al. (2010).

  Part of: Xiao Y-P, Guo X-L, Price M, Gou W, Zhou S-D, He X-J (2021) New insights into the phylogeny of Sinocarum (Apiaceae, Apioideae) based on morphological and molecular data. PhytoKeys 175: 13-32.