Bayesian tree of Achnanthidium tinea (Tseplik, Kulikovskiy, Kociolek & Maltsev), sp. nov. (indicated in bold) constructed from a concatenated alignment of 152 partial 18S rDNA sequences of 404 characters. Values above the horizontal lines are bootstrap support from RAxML analyses (<50 are not shown); values below the horizontal lines and to the right of the slash mark are Bayesian posterior probabilities (<90 are not shown). All sequences have strain numbers (if available). Species of centric diatoms were used as an outgroup. * is 100% statistical support.

  Part of: Tseplik ND, Maltsev YI, Glushchenko AM, Kuznetsova IV, Genkal SI, Kociolek JP, Kulikovskiy MS (2021) Achnanthidium tinea sp. nov. – a new monoraphid diatom (Bacillariophyceae) species, described on the basis of molecular and morphological approaches. PhytoKeys 174: 147-163.