Leaf micromorphology of Buergersiochloa bambusoides A–C leaf surface observed under LM A adaxial surface showing long cells, bulliform cells with sinuous anticlinal walls and saddle-shaped silica bodies B detail of saddle-shaped silica bodies and cork cells C abaxial surface showing silica bodies, abundant papillae and papillae encircling the stomata (dotted circles) D–H leaf surface observed under SEM D adaxial surface with very small papillae and the basal cell of a broken bicellular microhair E abaxial surface showing microhairs, abundant papillae on costal and stomatal cell rows, and long cell papillae encircling the stomata F detail of two adjacent saddle-shaped silica bodies, papillae and stoma on the abaxial surface G detail of papillae encircling a stoma H detail of panicoid type bicellular microhairs. BC: Bulliform cell; Mi: bicellular microhair; Pa: papilla; St: stoma. Black or white arrows: silica body; yellow arrow: cork cell. Scale bars: 100 µm (A, C); 25 µm (B, H); 10 µm (D, G); 50 µm (E, F)

  Part of: Lima JF, Leite KRB, Clark LG, Oliveira RP (2021) Notes on leaf micromorphology of the rare herbaceous bamboo Buergersiochloa bambusoides Pilg. (Olyreae, Poaceae) from New Guinea and its taxonomic implications. PhytoKeys 172: 135-143. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.172.59506