Illustration of Cornus × rutgersensisCornus ‘Rutgan’, PP7207, Stellar Pink®.A–B Branch, showing expanding leaf and opening of floral bract tissues in the spring B Close up of inflorescent bud prior to complete bract and leaf expansion C Close up of single inflorescence post bud-break, showing pair of unexpanded floral bracts clinging to flower head; note pair vegetative bracts still attached at base of inflorescence D Branch, showing inflorescence with flower buds still closed; floral bracts fully expanded E Close up of flower, showing both before and after anthesis; note synsepalous calyx, apopetalous corolla and exerted stamens F Dissected flower, showing single gynoecium and exerted style G Close up of petal and stamens, note dehiscence occurs longitudinally H Single inflorescence, showing many tightly compressed parthenocarpic drupes I Single drupe, showing compressed form and protruding style. Drawings by Bobbi Angell from the holotype.

  Part of: Mattera R, Molnar T, Struwe L (2015) Cornus × elwinortonii and Cornus × rutgersensis (Cornaceae), new names for two artificially produced hybrids of big-bracted dogwoods. PhytoKeys 55: 93-111.