Phylogenetic relationships in Coccinia based on five plastid DNA loci (matK, ndhF–rpl32 intergenic spacer (IS), rpl20–rps12 IS, trnL intron, trnL–trnF IS, trnS–trnG IS) obtained for 75 accessions from 24 species. Shown is the topology of the 50% majority rule consensus tree obtained from Bayesian analysis including simple gap coding for ingroup InDels. Numbers above the branches are posterior probability values ≥ 0.98 with values “with InDel coding” first, followed by “without InDel coding.” Numbers below the branches are bootstrap support values from ML analysis. Topologies from the different analyses were not contradictive, although some clades were not resolved without gap coding. Roman numbers indicate clades as discussed in the text: I = C. adoensis clade, II = C. quinqueloba group, III = C. barteri clade, and IV = C. rehmannii clade.

  Part of: Holstein N (2015) Monograph of Coccinia (Cucurbitaceae). PhytoKeys 54: 1-166.