Capsicum regale Barboza & Bohs. A habitat B apical branch, showing anisophyllous leaf pairs C abaxial surface of leaf with purple main vein D forked inflorescence; note the scars of the deciduous flowers E flower, in lateral view, on a unbranched elongate inflorescence F, G Flowers with and without pigmentation respectively H–K various stages of fruit maturity, in K mature fruit showing the constriction between the pedicel and the berry (arrow) A–F, H–K from Orejuela et al. 3034 (photos by A. Orejuela, P. Gonzáles, and G. Barboza) G from Hoyos 127 (photo by L. Coca).

  Part of: Barboza GE, García CC, Scaldaferro M, Bohs L (2020) An amazing new Capsicum (Solanaceae) species from the Andean-Amazonian Piedmont. PhytoKeys 167: 13-29.