Hydrangea weberbaueri A branch with inflorescences with enlarged marginal flowers B functionally male inflorescence with enlarged marginal flowers, and reduced flowers with large stamens C functionally female inflorescence with enlarged marginal flowers D close-up of functionally male flowers with large stamens and reduced pistils E close-up of functionally female flowers with reduced stamens and large pistils. A, B field images of collection Granados Mendoza et al. 2012-16 C field image of collection Granados Mendoza et al. 2012-21 D field image of collection Samain et al. 2011-068.

  Part of: Samain M-S, Granados Mendoza C, Martínez Salas EM (2021) On Hydrangea peruviana, an endangered species from Ecuador, and Hydrangea oerstedii, very common in Costa Rica and Panama, and seven threatened Central and South American Hydrangeas, which have been confounded with these. PhytoKeys 171: 91-153. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.171.56351