Representatives of the clade B. Macropsychanthus subg. Macropsychanthus (A–F). Macropsychanthus grandiflorus (Mart. ex Benth.) L.P. Queiroz & Snak A flowering vine (from Queiroz 15227). Macropsychanthus marginatus (Benth.) L.P. Queiroz & Snak B mature fruit showing dehiscence through the lower suture only C one of the valves removed to show the seeds with a long linear hilum (arrow; from Queiroz 15225). Macropsychanthus edule (Kuhlm.) L.P. Queiroz & Snak D the indehiscent and fleshy fruit decahing to release the seeds (from Popovkin 1546). Macropsychanthus lauterbachii Harms var. lauterbachii E giant flowers with bluish petals (unvouchered). Macropsychanthus megacarpus (Rolfe) L.P. Queiroz & Snak F flower (from Queiroz 10135). Macropsychanthus subg. Platylobium (G–J). Macropsychanthus scabrus (Rich.) L.P. Queiroz & Snak G flowers (from Cardoso 2907). Macropsychanthus bicolor (Benth.) L.P. Queiroz & Snak H part of the pseudoracemous inflorescence I mature (left) and dehisced (right) fruits J seed, showing the short hilum (arrow; from Queiroz 15874). Photos A–C, F, H–J: L.P. Queiroz; D: A. Popovkin; E: A.D. Poulsen; G: D. Cardoso.

  Part of: de Queiroz LP, Snak C (2020) Revisiting the taxonomy of Dioclea and related genera (Leguminosae, Papilionoideae), with new generic circumscriptions. PhytoKeys 164: 67-114.