Representatives of the clade A. Cleobulia coccinea (Mart. ex Benth.) L.P. Queiroz A flowering vine showing the arcuate inflorescences B detail of the inflorescence showing resupinate flowers; the inset highlights the wing petals (w) much shorter than the standard (s) and keel petals (k) C fruit (from Queiroz 16029). Cleobulia diocleoides Benth. D a resupinate flower showing the reduced wing (from Queiroz 16036). Cymbosema roseum Benth. E part of the inflorescence showing the bird pollinated flowers and the free adaxial stamen (arrow) F immature fruits showing the characteristic broad oblong fruit body and the long beak (from Cardoso2868). Dioclea virgata (Rich.) Amshoff G flowers (from Cardoso 2374) H fruits (from Cardoso 2100). Dioclea fimbriata Huber I flowers (from Snak 1223). Dioclea burkartii R.H. Maxwell J a seed showing the marbled testa and the elongate hilum encircling about half of its circumpherence (arrow; from Snak 826). Dioclea apurensis K flowers (from Queiroz 13035). Photos A–D, J–K: L.P. Queiroz; E–H: D. Cardoso; I: C. Snak.

  Part of: de Queiroz LP, Snak C (2020) Revisiting the taxonomy of Dioclea and related genera (Leguminosae, Papilionoideae), with new generic circumscriptions. PhytoKeys 164: 67-114.