Majority rule Bayesian tree and respective phylogram of the Dioclea clade resulting from the combined nuclear (ETS, ITS) and plastid (trnK/matK) analysis. Bayesian posterior probabilities are reported above branches and parsimony (left) and maximum likelihood (right) bootstrap support values are reported below branches. Bootstrap values below 50% are represented by hyphens. The coloured boxes represent the four genera as circumscribed here – names in colour represent the subgenera of the genus Dioclea (according to Maxwell 2011): blue Dioclea subg. Dioclea, red Dioclea subg. Platylobium, green Dioclea subg. Pachylobium – pictures: Cymbosema roseum (from Snak 1211), Cleobulia coccinea (from Queiroz 16029), Dioclea fimbriata (from Snak 1223), Macropsycanthus marginatus (from Queiroz 15225), Macropsycanthus lautherbachii (from Poulsen, unvouchered).

  Part of: de Queiroz LP, Snak C (2020) Revisiting the taxonomy of Dioclea and related genera (Leguminosae, Papilionoideae), with new generic circumscriptions. PhytoKeys 164: 67-114.