Morphology of Rehderodendron macrophyllum and R. macrocarpum Hu. A–D Rehderodendron macrophyllum A branchlet and leaf B fruiting branch C young fruit D transverse section of fruit showing endocarp with many rays intruding into the mesocarp E fruit transverse section of R. macrocarpum. (Photographs: A–D by Wan-Yi Zhao from Hekou, Yunnan, China E by Wan-Yi Zhao rom Wawushan, Sichuan, China).

  Part of: Zhao W-Y, Fritsch PW, Liu Z-C, Fan Q, Jin J-H, Liao W-B (2020) New combinations and synonyms in Rehderodendron (Styracaceae). PhytoKeys 161: 79-88.