Aristolochia yachangensis B.G.Huang, Yan Liu & Y.S.Huang, sp. nov. A habitat B flowering branch C flowers (front view) D flower (lateral view) E flower bud F longitudinally dissected flower (showing the inside structure) G longitudinally dissected flower (dorsal view) H old phase of gynostemium (vertical view) I old phase of anthers and gynostemium (lateral view) J ovary K young capsule L mature capsule. Photographed by Shuwan Li.

  Part of: Luo YJ, Ni SD, Jiang Q, Huang BG, Liu Y, Huang YS (2020) Aristolochia yachangensis, a new species of Aristolochiaceae from limestone areas in Guangxi, China. PhytoKeys 153: 49-61.