Distribution map of S. sect. Arenosae. Each color code corresponds to one taxon: A S. arenosa B S. austroiranica C S. chaetodonta D S. exsudans E S. georgievskyi F S. leyseroides G S. linearis H S. microsperma subsp. cypria I S. microsperma subsp. maritima J S. microsperma subsp. microsperma K S. microsperma subsp. modesta L S. striata.

  Part of: Eggens F, Jafari F, Thollesson M, Crameri S, Zarre S, Oxelman B (2020) Phylogeny and species delimitation in Silene sect. Arenosae (Caryophyllaceae): a new section. PhytoKeys 159: 1-34. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.159.51500