Polyalthiopsis verrucipes comb. nov. A flowering branch B close-up of adaxial surface of leaf, showing glands C close-up of leaf petiole, showing the transverse striations on dried petiole D lateral view of the flower E adaxial view of the flower F sepal G outer petal H inner petal I stamen J carpel K longitudinal section of the developing carpel, showing two lateral ovules L a dried monocarp M a seed. Drawn by Ding-Han Cui. (A–K from B. Xue & H. B. Ding XB311, IBSC; L, M from C. W. Wang 76321, PE)

  Part of: Xue B, Ding H-B, Yao G, Shao Y-Y, Fan X-J, Tan Y-H (2020) From Polyalthia to Polyalthiopsis (Annonaceae): transfer of species enlarges a previously monotypic genus. PhytoKeys 148: 71-91. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.148.50929