Morphology of Polyalthiopsis verrucipes comb. nov. A trunk, showing greyish bark B a branch, showing the leaf lamina C adaxial leaf surface, showing the raised midrib D close-up of the abaxial surface of dried leaf, showing glands E petiole with transverse striations when dried F lateral view of the flower G top view of the flower H bottom view of the flower I adaxial and abaxial view of the stamen J carpel K longitudinal section of a developing carpel, showing two developing ovules L developing young fruits M single dried monocarp, showing the two seeds 01187409 (C. W. Wang 76321, PE) N cylindrical seed, showing longitudinal groove around circumference (C. W. Wang 76321, PE). – Photos: A, C–E, I–N, by Bine Xue; B, by Yun-Hong Tan; G–H by Hong-Bo Ding.

  Part of: Xue B, Ding H-B, Yao G, Shao Y-Y, Fan X-J, Tan Y-H (2020) From Polyalthia to Polyalthiopsis (Annonaceae): transfer of species enlarges a previously monotypic genus. PhytoKeys 148: 71-91.