Morphological variation of Begonia longiciliata in China(Photos by Daike Tian) A–E population from Guizhou Province: A individual with dark green leaves and white variegation (near white ring or isolated white spots) B pure green-leaved individual C fruit with one long wing and two short wings D comparison of adaxial (upper) and abaxial (low) views of leaf variation in colour and variegation E male flower (deep-pink one not shown) F–J population from Yunnan province: F female flower, showing pink variant G cross-section of ovary showing two locules and bilamillate placenta H dark-green leaved individual with a light-green ring band I male flower showing very long anther in upper portion of androecium J comparison of adaxial (upper five leaves) and abaxial (lower five leaves), showing differences in leaf colour and variegation of different individuals.

  Part of: Tian D-K, Xiao Y, Li Y-C, Yan K-J (2020) Several new records, synonyms, and hybrid-origin of Chinese begonias. PhytoKeys 153: 13-35.