Begonia lipingensis and B. circumlobata (E–H photos by Daike Tian) A–E Begonia lipingensis: A holotype (WU) (digitalised by Herbarium of Institut fur Botanik der Universitat Wien) B close-up view of type leaf C close-up of male flower from holotype, showing abaxial hairs on the middle of outer tepals D wild blooming plants E, F male flowers showing colour variation G, H Begonia circumlobata: adaxial (G) and abaxial (H) views showing variations of leaf lobes and colour in a single small population.

  Part of: Tian D-K, Xiao Y, Li Y-C, Yan K-J (2020) Several new records, synonyms, and hybrid-origin of Chinese begonias. PhytoKeys 153: 13-35.