Habitat and morphology of Begonia flagellaris (Photos by Daike Tian) A, B habitat (rock hill or under bamboos, arrows indicate begonia plants) C individuals with long stolons D flowering plant E individual with aerial bulbs on stolon tips (arrows indicate tiny aerial bulbs) F fruit with extremely unequal wings G large individual with stolons (arrows indicate stolons) and fruits H simple umbellate inflorescence with white male and female flowers I infructescence J male flowers in front, dorsal and side views, respectively K cross-section of an ovary with the bilamellate axile placenta and three locules L underground tubers.

  Part of: Tian D-K, Xiao Y, Li Y-C, Yan K-J (2020) Several new records, synonyms, and hybrid-origin of Chinese begonias. PhytoKeys 153: 13-35. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.153.50805